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Re: Is Beagle a Good Thing?


> "man beagled" says it is "a system for searching
> and managing your personal information space",
> which I don't find very informative, or convincing.

Its one of the various desktop search engines around - You know, the ability to search through all your files, emails, conversations etc. for whatever criteria you want. If you like that sort of thing then that is what it does.

very badly in my opinion - it is well known to be a resource hog (also it is based on the mono package, which in my opinion is a bad design choice and mono should never have really been allowed to come into existence).

My solution is

 > yum remove beagle

and you will never see it again.

FWIW, on ubuntu 7.10 they have dropped beagle in favour of tracker (by default). This aims to do exactly the same thing, but is written in C instead. Whilst I don't really use these features myself, when running ubuntu I've yet felt the need to remove it, as it is much less resource hungry.

Hopefully fedora will go the same way and dump beagle sometime soon.


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