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Re: Video card for dual-head 1920x1200?

On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 09:38 +0900, Msquared wrote:
> Hi, guys!
> I'm looking for a video card that supports two 1920x1200 monitors using
> open-source drivers under Xen on Fedora 8.
> I currently have an nVidia 8500GT, but I'm having issues with dual-screen
> under the open-source drivers, and the proprietary drivers don't support
> Xen.
> I have not yet purchased the 1920x1200 screens, as I wanted to make sure
> that my card supported them first.  Since I'm having so many problems with
> the nVidia, I'm looking for an alternative card.  The monitors I will most
> likely purchase are 2 Samsung 245B.
> Regards, Msquared...

You're hitting one of my biggest problems.
I want dual head. (24" + 22" DELLs)
I want 3D.
And I want Xen.

But sadly enough nVidia doesn't official support Xen. (You can try to
use their proprietary driver never the less [1]... but YMMV)

In the end, I kept the nVidia drivers (for my 6800) and the 3D
(proprietary drivers) but replaced Xen with VMWare server.

As for your question, -for now- if you're looking for good OSS drivers
with solid dual-head and Xen support, you should be aiming at ATI/AMD
r300 based cards (ATI 9xxx?).
In a couple of months the new open ATI/AMD RadeonHD should be mature
enough for production - giving you the magic bullet of dual-head, xen
and decent 3D.

- Gilboa
[1] http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=95483&highlight=xen

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