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Re: Backup of a VMware virtual machine

Ed Greshko wrote:
Paul Smith wrote:
Dear All,

Is it possible to backup an entire VMware virtual machine?

Thanks in advance,

Yes.  They are just files.  I do it all the time.

However, you need to restore them to the same place since there is
configuration information in one or two of the files.

And, you should read the VMware for documentation on how to "clone" a VM in
the event you are moving it to another machine or another location.

(FYI, I'm only talking about VMware Workstation.  If you are using another
one of their products, YMMV.)

I install all my vmware images in my home directory under vmware. So for windows I have ~/vmware/Windows XP. I then use rsync -avP to copy the Windows directory to my backup disk. Then whenever I do a fresh install, I just rsync -avP the Windows directory from the backup disk to my laptop and open in up in vmware. Works perfectly

Greg Sieranski

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