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Fan runs constantly on (Acer TravelMate 4602WLMi ) Please help me.

Hello everyone,

Completely new to linux and need some help, and for about two month I look for some answers for my problem, but with no success.

My laptop's fan works almost constantly in Fedora 8.

I've made some search and found this topic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=330917

But its relates to Ubuntu Linux only.

In Fedora there are some folders: /etc/acpi/events. In these folders you can find these files: Power.conf and Video.conf

This is the print of those files:




# ACPID config to power down machine if powerbutton is pressed, but only if # no gnome-power-manager is running event=button/power.* action="" awwux | /bin/grep gnome-power-manager | /bin/grep -qv grep || /sbin/shutdown -h now





# Configuration to turn on DPMS again on video activity, needed for some # laptops. Disabled by default, uncomment if your laptop display stays blank # after you close and open the lid. #event=video.* #action="" dpms on

Please help me to solve this problem.

Just tell me how can I fix it or just to check if this situation is "Ok" or not.

What about all of those commands in power.conf and video.conf?

Thanks in advance. 



Best regards,

 bravo_elf                          mailto:bravo elf gmail com

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