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RE: [rhn-users] How can I define a permanent static route ?

Please note: my response is continuing a completely off-topic thread,
but as a flaw in our documentation was identified, I felt it helpful to
followup. Please use another list to ask/answer questions such as this
that have nothing to do with RHN the service.

Response below.

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Les Bell wrote:

> "Tom Ferguson" <tferguson edsca com> wrote:
> >>
> You need to make it persistent.
> <<
> Yes, I'll bet he knows that, and is asking how. RH changed the way of
> setting up persistent routes in RH 8.0 without telling anyone. It tripped
> me up, so I figured it out, with some help, and wrote it up at
> http://www.lesbell.com.au/Home.nsf/b8ec57204f60dfcb4a2568c60014ed0f/c54c9926e01a250bca256ce10001bac9?OpenDocument
> Best,

Not quite right Les, here's what our docs people sent me.

It is true that /etc/sysconfig/static-routes/ went away in RHL
8.0. Static routes should be in

This change is documented in sysconfig.txt from the initscripts


  Contains lines that are arguments to "/sbin/ip route add"
  For example:

                                     .2.0 network through ppp0.

As documented in the RHL Reference Guide, /etc/sysconfig/networking/
used by the Network Administration Tool (redhat-config-network), and
its contents should not be edited manually.

The fix for the documentation is in the queue now. Have a nice day.

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