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[rhn-users] Dial up Server and DNS

I am running Red Hat Linux Version 8.0.
An Australian Company called Ozemail (I think it is the 2nd largest ISP in 
Australia) does not support any versions of Linux.

A few weeks ago I was running 1 Linux Server and I was able to connect two
other computers to the internet via the server, therefore in total 3
computers being able to browse the internet.
This is not the case now and I have not been able to browse the internet from 
other computers nor does the [System Tools] -> [Traceroute] Command work !

In my upgrade I tried Readhat Linux 9, but did not have time to resolve the 
firewall and IP chains that needed to be configured to allow other computers 
use FTP and HTTP commands on the Server.

Primary DNS keeps on changing to and secondary DNS changes to According to the notes found on www.ozemail.com.au the Primary
DNS should be and Secondary is

Note that traces to an Asian company called aspac.net ?

I can ping the my internal server but my workstation cannot ping the Primary
Ozemail DNS whether it be or

Could there be a routing problem ?


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