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[rhn-users] questions on recent survey


I just filled in the recent survey to demo users and have some comments
regarding the last two questions...

The one about the applications we use -- you list some DBs and
application servers and then a choice is "other 3rd party" and also
"none of the above" -- wouldn't you never select "none of the above"
because almost everyone uses a 3-rd party application of some sorts.  I
think the question should have been more specific as to the type of
applications you were looking for.  But I did notice that the apps you
listed were all commercial (neither postgresql or mysql were there).

The last question asked about the distro's of linux people use.  Debian
was not listed there -- but UnitedLinux and Sun Linux were.  I don't
know much about Debian, but I'm sure it is much more widely used than
UnitedLinux and Sun.  Was Slackware there too? (I can't remember now).

But thanks RedHat for the RHN, which I find very useful, and your
distribution of Linux, which I love the most.

Dan Manley

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