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[rhn-users] LPRng losing and comingling print jobs

We are using RH 8.0, LPRng 3.8.9 on a dual processor server with 1GB of RAM.
Often, we send as many as 80 print spool files to a printer at once.  Randomly, some of the print jobs, 1 to 5 of them, do not print.  These files are approximately 200 bytes in size.  Repeating the submission and a different group of jobs do not print.  This seems quite random, not related to system or network load.  The printers are Zebra label printers, parallel interface, connected to JetDirect boxes via our fully switched 100BaseT network.  The /etc/printcap entries are rather simple:


We have also witnessed two print jobs co-mingling lines on short 1-2 page jobs on HP laser network printers.
What can we do, what entries in the /etc/lpd.conf file, can be adjusted to encourage reliability?

Lawrence Leavell
Pacific World Corporation

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