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Re: [rhn-users] Up2date

On 8 May 2003, Mike Chambers wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 15:57, jonathan pickard wrote:
> > I have had the same problem when I tried up2date for some packages. I 
> > think the downloaded files get corrupted and the GPG signature then 
> > becomes invalid. I found the best thing to do is find a mirror closer to 
> > you and download the files yourself and rpm -Uvh the downloaded files. 
> Some people may not like it, but I just turn off using GPG for up2date. 
> I mean, when is the last time one of Red Hat's packages was *not* from
> Red Hat itself?  I've never had one problem from any up2dates (as far as
> GPG anyway hehe) *shrug*.

for what it is worth I started using YUM to update my machines at work. I 
rsync the directories I need from the mirror closest to me then let YUM 
do the updates. I use RHN to notify me of new packages then let YUM update 
the systems. YUM still checks the GPG signatures and if one of the 
signatures fail I delete the file from the server and rsync it again. 
YUM is really excellent for RH updates as well as non-RH updates, but this is 
going OT now. sorry

 > > 

Proprietary format attachments are a major obstacle to the broader 
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