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RE: [rhn-users] Can not up2date -- even though I can connect to port 443 on xmlrpc

Yes I saw those in the debugging suggestions to run
those steps and I did -- rhnsd is running and
up2date --verbose only returns:

Error communicating with server.  The message was:
SSL_connect error

My up2date shows
and I am able to reach that from lynx and from telnet.

I dunno what my next step should be -- bugzilla? I'm
not a paid user but it just doesn't work and I would
think they would want to know..

--- "Thomas J. Mackie III" <tmackie adpak com> wrote:
> Make sure that the rhnsd daemon is activated and
> running. You can make sure
> of this by doing
> chkconfig --level 345 rhnsd on
> then
> service rhnsd start
> Also trying running up2date --verbose and see if it
> gives an errors.. 

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