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Re: [rhn-users] redhat enterprise linux license conditions

Alois Treindl wrote:

> I have purchased one 'basic license' for redhat Enterprise linux ES.
> The license conditions are frightening, and I dar not to install
> the software.
> See: http://www.redhat.com/licenses/rhel_us_2-1.html?country=United+States
> I quote relevant sections from this license:

...<quotes snipped>...

> Do I understand this correctly:
> I can install Redhat Enterprise Linux ES on only exactly on system, as I
> have purchased only one license (for $399).

Yes, this is exactly true.  RedHat is looking carefully at their
business model.

They've decided that making money for stockholders is some kind of
priority for them.  Imagine that <wry grin>.

> I cannot install it on the 6 systems in my load balanced server farm.
> If I do, Redhat can come at any time, 'audit' my system, and charge me
> for the additional installations the full prices, plus a 20% penalty.
> These are ANNUAL fees, i.e. I have to pay again each year!
> For seven sytems, I need to purchase every year seven lisense, i.e.
> spend $2793.- annual license fees.

All correct.

> This does not include any actual support, because 'basic license'
> covers only 90 days installation support.

All correct.

> I tried to ask redhat support that question, but they would not answer
> it, but told me to speak to "my company's legal department". Haha!

I consider that uncalled for behavior, but very indicative of the "new"
Red Hat.

> Why would I want to use Redhat Enterprise Linux?
> -------------------------------------------------
> I have been a happy user of regular Redhat Linux (since 6.2) for more
> than three years now.
> Redhat has announced that in the future it will provide errata (security
> bug fixes) for its normal Linux (7.3, 8.0, 9.0 etc) only for 12 months
> after original release.

> For Enterprise Linux it would provide errata (security bug fixes) for 5
> years.

> I need errata for more than 12 months, as I don't want to update stable
> and running systems as frequently.

As many of us feel.  You'll have to decide among some options.  Among
them would be:

1) finding and subscribing to some third-party rhn-network-like service.

2) installing apt-rpm, and finding a repository run by some third-party
organization that will continue to distribute up-to-date security
patches after the year expires, or creating your own up-to-date security
patches after the year expires.

3) paying for and using Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

4) switching to another distribution.

5) looking at a non-Red hat "up2date"-style product and develop your own
security packages after the year expires

5) perhaps some others I haven't considered.

For me using Red Hat Enterprise Linux isn't an option.  I run Plesk
Server Administrator and they tell me which versions of Red Hat Linux it
will run on.  It doesn't run on Enterpris Linux.

I've already installed apt-rpm on many machines, but I can't find any
assurances that anyone will continue to supply security packages after
the end of this year.  And I don't have the resources to do my own.

I've told Plesk about the problem.  They're fully aware that not many of
their clients will want to use a vulnerable operating system next year,
and they tell me they're working on a solution, but there isn't one yet.

I've written about the problem on several lists, but so far I've been
able to find no-one but me (and you) who seem to think it's an issue.

I won't write again about this subject on this list, except to perhaps
announce a proper list for such discussions if enough people are
interested.  So if you're interested in me creating a venue for such
discussion please write back and let me know.

I'm posting this to the list in the understanding that some other people
may share your concerns but just consider it too off-topic to reply, but
all future correspondence on this issue should be offlist.

Jeff Lasman, nobaloney.net, P. O. Box 52672, Riverside, CA  92517 US
Internet & Unix/Linux/Sun/Cobalt Consulting +1 909 778-9980
<jblists nobaloney net>

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