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Re: [rhn-users] redhat enterprise linux license conditions

Thanks for your insightful contribution, Jeff.

I have in the meantime also decided against using Redhat Enterprise Linux.
The reason is not the license quarrel - I think that GPL would entitle me
sufficiently to install and run duplicates, while keeping only one system
licensed. I would dare to go into a legal fight about that in Switzerland.

However, when I tried to install RHEL 2.1, the most recent edition, it
failed to support my latest box with an Intel extreme i845 graphics

My intention is to use a unified Linux system - as much as possible -
on our servers (9) and the few (3) desktops we run.

Now I decided to use Linux 8.0 on the servers and 2 or 3 desktops, and
9.0 on my home desktop (with the i845 graphics), as this is the only
release which supports that graphics subsystem.

I will run the risk of having to support an officially unsupported system,
when redhat drops 8.0 support - which they could by september 2003, as it
was released in Sept 2003. I cannot update our servers on an annual basis,
as this introduces too much instability. Most of them run Redhat 7.1 now,
which was installed in Feb 2001. 

I don't expect that Redhat will really drop support of 8.0 as early as
September 2003. I expect them to give in to the community demands, and
offer some kind of paid subscription for extended service.

The $349.- I paid for my RHEL ES I will write off as learning experience.
I don't mind to give Redhat that money, I would be happy to pay $500 per
year for continue rpm-based support of redhat 8.0, but I do not want
to pay 3500.- or more per year, and to sign a license which obliges
my to contractual conditions I consider illegal, like forbidding me to
install and run copies of a Linux system.

(I have signed it already on purchasing RHEL, but as I never install it,
that signature has no consequences. The one installation I made I have
deleted again).

I have purchased plenty of boxed Redhat releases in the past, and will
continue to do so in the future. As I said, I think they should get some
money, they do a good job. They just should continue to value the user
community outside big corporations.



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