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Re: [rhn-users] redhat enterprise linux license conditions

Alois Treindl wrote:

I don't expect that Redhat will really drop support of 8.0 as early as
September 2003. I expect them to give in to the community demands, and
offer some kind of paid subscription for extended service.

I don't think so, for one simple reason.

*nothing* stops *anyone* subscribing to this service from redistributing the resulting SRPMS, after recompiling them. There are very few proprietary RPM's in "standard" RH, so any security patch could be trivially redistributed under the GPL.

Plus, believe it or not, they aren't limiting releases solely for monetary gain - I would imagine significant grief is had by the RPM packagers when they have to support 2/3/4/5 different releases, which may or may not have had dependancies that differ between releases (look at the specfile for sendmail someday and tell me that isn't hell to do every time they need to upgrade the thing).

If they're going to expend the effort to maintain older releases, then they'll continue to give out upgrades, it's as simple as that, IMHO.

I *want* to use Red Hat Enterprise. I *do not* want to go tell my CTO that we have to pay a recurring license that will eventually cost more than a Microsoft solution to do so! RHN subscriptions are one thing, and I'd even pay an "upgrade fee" to go from one version of RHAS to another (since each version is only supposed to come out every 18 months and all) - but not this silly "Software-Assurance-like" system in place today.

Hopefully Red Hat gets the hint - drop the annual payment for all but RHN, and here's 60-odd servers I'll upgrade to RHEL, and even pay a reduced upgrade cost in 18 months when the next version is released. Don't do so, and I'll continue to play the upgrade-game, and all you'll get from me is RHN entitlement payments.

Ken Snider

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