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Re: [rhn-users] redhat enterprise linux license conditions

rhn-users-request redhat com wrote:
> I've told Plesk about the problem.  They're fully aware that not many of
> their clients will want to use a vulnerable operating system next year,
> and they tell me they're working on a solution, but there isn't one yet.
> I've written about the problem on several lists, but so far I've been
> able to find no-one but me (and you) who seem to think it's an issue.

For what it's worth I find this an issue as well.  I'm still running 7.3
as I have had problems with every 8.0 server I have tried to setup to
this point and I'm afraid to even think of trying 9.  The 8.0 servers
I've setup work fine until you actually put a production load on them
and then all bets are off.

However, like you said, I don't feel comfortable running a system where
security packages wouldn't be released.  I for one was getting ready
to purchase a RHN subscriptions until I found out that I wouldn't be
getting my full year's use out of them since support is discontined as
for Dec 31.

I installed AS 2.1 at another location and from the packages it seems
to be based on 7.2/7.3.  There are some custom AS packages, but most
seem to be the same ones released to the 7.x series.  Given that, I
would love to see RedHat continue the package updates on the normal
RHN series, perhaps for paying subscribers only.

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