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[rhn-users] Can not up2date]

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From: Jeff Lasman <jblists nobaloney net>
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Sent: Tue, 13 May 2003 19:13:38 -0700
Subject: Re: [Fwd: [rhn-users] Can not up2date]

> jonathan pickard wrote:
> > dumping red hat because the update tool does
> > not recognise your e-mail address and system properly might have been a
bit harsh.
> Funny you should write this.  The reason I'm even on this list, the
> reason I even looked for alternatives for RHN, was specifically because
> I can't get one of my servers to register itself with RHN; the register
> client times out.

I also had the same issues with up2date. I had a RH7.3 machine that I had
registered. I then formated the machine and installed RH8.0. I could register
the machine but could not use the updates. i had to access my account and
deactivate one machine to activate the other. I also had bandwidth issues with
the downloads. Up2date is a great idea but has limitations. yum and apt-get
just do it better

> Jeff
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