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[rhn-users] MySQL 4.x on RHN Errata reports...


I recently installed MySQL 4.x on my Red Hat Linux 8 server, and I also need
PHP 4.2x to work in conjunction with MySQL 4.x for my discussion forum.  I'm
using kernel 2.4.18-27.8.0.  I believe my PHP was compiled against the
3.23.x series in the standard Red Hat 8 distribution and I got dependency
errors when installing MySQL 4 and was told here a few weeks ago to re
compile PHP against MySQL 4 and that would fix the problem.

My question is this - will the Red Hat Network be supporting MySQL 4.x
anytime soon (or do they already) in their errata reports?  Or are they only
coming out with bug fixes and security advisories for the MySQL 3.23 series?
Should I stay with MySQL version 3.23 for now?

I wanted to use MySQL 4.x now so I don't have to do a major upgrade later.
Any advice on this appreciated.


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