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Re: [rhn-users] MySQL 4.x on RHN Errata reports...

I have MySql 4 installed with my RH, and PHP 3 and 4, i don´t have any
problem with that, i only had a problem with apache, but this is other
history... i had to upgrade for htttp2X because of php4, with apxs module...

ps. My Red Hat is 7.1

Marcos Aurelio
Sao Paulo -Brazil

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Subject: [rhn-users] MySQL 4.x on RHN Errata reports...

> Hi,
> I recently installed MySQL 4.x on my Red Hat Linux 8 server, and I also
> PHP 4.2x to work in conjunction with MySQL 4.x for my discussion forum.
> using kernel 2.4.18-27.8.0.  I believe my PHP was compiled against the
> 3.23.x series in the standard Red Hat 8 distribution and I got dependency
> errors when installing MySQL 4 and was told here a few weeks ago to re
> compile PHP against MySQL 4 and that would fix the problem.
> My question is this - will the Red Hat Network be supporting MySQL 4.x
> anytime soon (or do they already) in their errata reports?  Or are they
> coming out with bug fixes and security advisories for the MySQL 3.23
> Should I stay with MySQL version 3.23 for now?
> I wanted to use MySQL 4.x now so I don't have to do a major upgrade later.
> Any advice on this appreciated.
> Thanks
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