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Re: [rhn-users] Help, grub hangs after upgrade

I had the same problem with one only (out of seven) machines I updated yesterday.  This one was RH 7.3 but the same symptoms - GRUB hanging with just the word "GRUB" in the top left of the screen.  Like you I was able to boot from a recovery disk.

Here's what I did to fix the problem:

Uninstalled the updated kernel (kernel-2.4.20-13.7 and kernel-smp-2.4.20-13.7 in my case).  This didn't fix the problem so you can probably skip this step.

While booted from floppy ran:     grub-install --recheck '(hd0)'  

This fixed the boot problem and I then re-applied the kernel patches using up2date and everything went fine this time.

I have no idea what caused the problem - the machine that failed to update is one of an identical pair (exactly matched hardware and software configuration) and one updated with no problem, the other didn't.  Strange!!

Your grub installation may differ so check the options.  I don't think --recheck should really be needed but it confirms the partitions are visible.  My installation has grub in the default location of /boot with the configuration files in /boot/grub.  You may think from the grub-install documentation that you should use the option "--root-directory=/boot"  -  been there and you end up with /boot/boot/grub and a new, empty grub.conf file!

Hope this works for you too.



>RH 9, Pentium III 500Mhz. Dual booting with Windows XP.
>Everything was perfect until yesterday...
>The alerter yesterday told me to upgrade to the latest kernel (4.20-13 I believe). I did so and upon rebooting Grub just hangs (I see the GRUB string in the upper left corner and that's it).
>I managed to use the installation disk to get in, and I can chroot in. All of my files are there, there are no logs anywhere (including /boot and /boot/grub) to tell me what might have happened.

>The previous two kernel upgrades went fine.
>Thanks for any help you may offer, or any pointers to where to look for help.

>Roberto Leibman

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