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Re: [rhn-users] up2date problem

On Saturday 17 May 2003 16:41, Yanglong Zhu wrote:

Does anyone know why the up2date retrieves very very slowly and stops
within a minute?

I had been doing this for a while. up2date normally retrieves and
installs the packages very quickly. I'm on T1 LAN. One day a unknown
problem caused crash. I wiped the hard disk clean and reinstalled the
RHL 8.0 again. By this time there are a lot of updates to be done. But
the up2date wouldn't work. It always stops within about a minute into
the retriving process.


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Hi Yanglong,

Did you re-register and update your machine entitlements? Assuming you have a demo account with RH, you still might have the old machine listed as entitled instead of the new machine. I am guessing of course, so can you give more details, such as your machine entitlements on RHN?

&&&&&& for some reason I cannot receive the non-digest
&&&&&& version of this group, therefore I cannot do REPLY &&&&&&&&&
&&&&&&& I have to copy like this. Yanglong

True, I did not update the entitlement at that time. But After I did everything the RH faq says needs to be done, the speed is still very slow. I guess, it's below 1 kps. I give up on RHN.



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