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Re: [rhn-users] Bind 9 problem or im the problem

It is not that difficult to set up bind, you can find
help here:


and FAQ:



Gloveside45 wrote:

Im using Bind on redhat 8 and for some reason I can't get the DNS to handle
the domain www.whatever-domain.com. It works when I create a host for
whatever-domain.com, but not when i create a host with the www in front. I
am obviously doing something wrong as i am new to dns alltogether.

I create a forward master zone with the soa whatever-domain. and a reverse
master zone  with soa whatever-domain.. Both of these have names called
whatever-domain.com the reverse of course is the reverse 3 octets of my ip
along with in-addr-arpa.

Sorry for the minimal amount of information.

Maybe if someone can explain to me how to set up my dns to get it to work
using www.whatever-domain.com, without diagnosing my problem that would be
mucho apporeciated.


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