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[rhn-users] package list refresh fails?

I can't seem to update the package list for my RH 8.0 system.

This action's status is: Failed.
The client picked up this action on 2003-05-22 00:09:45 (EST).
The client completed this action on 2003-05-22 00:09:47 (EST).
Client execution returned "Error refreshing package list" (code 20)

Any idea what I need to do fix this? I've tried "rpm --rebuildb"
Not sure what else I can try here.

Also, RHN seems to think that I need to update xinetd and gnupg
even though the status of the actions to update/install these
packages was "completed" on RHN.

How do I fix that? xinetd has two entries with different package versions
in /var/log/rpmpkgs:

[root cunning2 log]# grep xinetd /var/log/rpmpkgs
[root cunning2 log]#

I did have a similar problem with the glibc packages after up2date
did a hard hang one time when updating glibc pacakges and I killed it.
The only way I could find to get around it was to use an the
"rpm --justdb -e <package-name>" option to "trick" rpm into thinking
one or both of the package wasn't there.
Then, I was able to schedule the package install (not update) from rhn.
The glibc problem was worse because up2date thought that I needed to
update those packages and then what it went to resolve dependencies,
it found that I already had those packages. No amount of -f or whatever
flags could be used to get around that, until I stumbled onto the
-e (erase) option of rpm.

My redhat 7.x system doesn't seem to have any problems with up2date. :(


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