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Re: [rhn-users] Bind 9.2.1

Are you using an external resolver (forward) to
resolve names outside your domains?


Muthuraja Ayyanar wrote:

Hello All,

I was running Bind 9.2.1 on RH 7.3 and configured as both to be
authoratative NS for 3 domains and a caching Server ( All our NT based
Internal Domain server used this RH box as a forwarder), it worked fine for
abt 5 months and couple of days ago it become very sluggish and saw lots of
queries coming and going to
blackhole1.iana.org,blackhol2.iana.org,prisoner.iana.org servers.This server
also has syslog and SSH + IP tables

Bounced the BOX and it took about 30 minutes to bootup, the bootup process
was quite normal till the named was started after that all the subsequent
Dameons took abt 5 minutes each to be started and even when tried to login
from the local console it took abt 5 minutes to log into the system.Turned
off named from the init3 and it booted like a champ without any

Appreciate any suggestion in troubleshooting this.



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