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RE: [rhn-users] Forgotten password

you need to do the linux single at the first boot prompt
right after you start the system 

lilo: linux single or linux 1 

Hope this helps..
been there .. too many times 


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From: Jake Christensen [mailto:jake newman cchem berkeley edu]
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 4:46 PM
To: rhn-users redhat com
Subject: [rhn-users] Forgotten password

I'm having a problem rebooting my alpha.  When I try to boot (or do 
anything else), I get the message "console is secure--please login."  
However, none of the passwords I've used in the past seem to work.  I've 
read that typing "linux single" allows one to log in and change the root 
password, but linux is not recognized as a command.  Any other ideas?


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