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Re: [rhn-users] Strange - I select KDE during login, but wind upwith GNOME

It worked just that way for me too, until a few days ago.  All of
sudden, after I logged off, rebooted, and logged back in something was
whacked in the set up for that particular user id - the KDE for root and
another user id continued to work properly.

For the "corrupt" account, everything would look just fine while logging
in; the KDE would start up (looking just as I expected), Evolution would
start up, GAIM would start up, KNode would start up (all automatically,
since I'd saved the session), then WHAM! here's GNOME also (mostly; I
still had KDE taskbar and menu).

Maybe if I'd known how to kill the GNOME process, then saved the session
and restarted, everything would've been fine.  But I'm still too green
to know how to do that...

On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 08:36, R. J. Young wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I am a relatively new user>  Am I missing something in what your trouble
> is?  I change desktops at login by choosing the one I want for the new
> session from the button at the bottom of the screen.  I have not tried
> this with RH 9, so I am not giving you my experience with it.  This
> works fine with RH 8.0.
> Rick

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