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Re: [rhn-users] ADSL setup in Red Hat linux 7.2

It is not the linux kernel, it the way networking works.

The DSL modems/router i know only have two ports, one for PSTN and
other (ethernet) for local network. The PSTN is sometimes given
a public IP address, and it looks like this is your case, the
ethernet port is given a private (rfc1918) address.

You need the IP address of the modem ethernet port and set this
as your gateway on the linux comp.

Hope is clear enough to be usefull.




I have been having problems in setting up an ADSL connection on my Office server running Red Hat 7.2

My server's got two ethernet cards. The one which connects to my office LAN is (eth0) while the other has IP address (which has been assigned by my ISP) - eth1:

My ISP has given me their gateway address as and I have been having proble assigning this gateway address to my Linux box. I have assigned this to '/etc/sysconfig/network' but the 'route -n' or 'netstat -nr' doesnt reflect this. Neither am I able to connect to the Internet or even ping the gateway.

The funny thing is this works perfectly well with Windows (any Win9x/NT/2000/XP).

I understand that the Linux kernel is not able to route to a gateway which belongs to a different IP class than the local address. Could any one please help me out on this?

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