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Re: [rhn-users] ADSL setup in Red Hat linux 7.2

Dear Victor,

You cannot use as a network address. You need to utilize,
then subnet it with Then your network will work.

If you have configured your computer to be a webhost server, then you will
need to obtain an IP address from your ISP-Internet Backbone provider, and
utilize that number as your servers IP Protocol number, then subnet it with

By subnetting it with, you will have the option of
configuring 253 computers to your network. If you subnet it using, then you will have the option of utilizing 253 times 2, or
556 computers on your network. Utilize the subnet mask of if
you do not have more than 253 computers on your network. will be
your "gateway" network number, and will be your "loopback" number
so Linux can test to make certain that the network is communicating properly
via network message packet sending.

Let me how this works for you, and if you have any problems or questions,
e-mail me back at guitar7 walla2 com, ok? Thanks!


John - Guitar7 or RealGuitar7

John A. Jones
2219 E. Isaacs Ave., Suite 16
Walla Walla, WA 99362
guitar7 walla2 com

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Subject: Re: [rhn-users] ADSL setup in Red Hat linux 7.2

> Hi,
> Network is not working on my linux system. when  a
> telnet command is issued, the system displays the
> following:
> Trying
> telnet:Cannot connect to the address
> Connection refused by host
> Can anyone explain to me what to do to get the network
> properly configured.
> Cheers
> Victor
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