[rhos-list] RHOS Folsom Preview now available!

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Fri Nov 16 21:30:02 UTC 2012


The Red Hat OpenStack team is happy to announce that Folsom Preview
packages are now available for download.

As with the Essex Preview, these packages are available by registering
for the Red Hat OpenStack Preview at the following URL:


If you have already registered for the Essex Preview, you should not
need to register again.  Your existing subscription will be updated to
include the Folsom repositories.

RHOS Folsom requires RHEL 6.3 as the base OS.  To make it easier for
Preview users, we have now included three 90-day evaluation entitlements
to RHEL 6.3 Server as part of the Preview.

These three RHEL Server entitlements also include unlimited RHEL guests
running on these servers.  So while you can only create three physical
servers running RHOS (ideally for your Compute Nodes with kvm), you can
run additional RHEL VMs to host OpenStack services like Glance,
Keystone, Swift, etc.

RHOS Folsom includes all of the upstream core components: Nova, Glance,
Swift, Keystone, Dashboard, Quantum and Cinder.  Quantum support for
openvswitch is not yet included, but we will update the Preview with
support for openvswitch when the OVS kernel functionality is included in

We will continue updating the Essex Preview from the upstream stable
branches, so those users that wish to stay on Essex can do so.  The
Essex Preview will expire in August 2013 (one year from its launch date).

Folsom will also be periodically updated from the upstream stable branches.

Folsom specific documentation is available here:

Be sure to check out the Release Notes for important information and
check back periodically as we will update the release notes as needed.

New additions to the documentation include Swift, Cinder and Quantum

Please note that the Preview repositories are not enabled by default.
To enable or disable the repositories after you have successfully
subscribed a machine to the Preview, you will need to use the following

yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-ost-6-folsom-rpms
yum-config-manager --disable rhel-server-ost-6-preview-rpms

This will enable the Folsom Preview repo and disable the Essex Preview repo.

And finally, please remember to give us your feedback on the Preview.
Our primary goal in the Preview is to get input from you on issues,
desired features and use cases to help to improve both the OpenStack
upstream and the RHOS product.

Feedback can be given on this mailing list, or you can file bugs here:

Thanks for participating in the Preview, and we look forward to your

-- The Red Hat OpenStack Team

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