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Re: Building RPM Packages as non-root

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Michal Moskal wrote:

>> Create a file ~/.rpmmacros comtaining something like this
>>     %_topdir        /home/username/RPM
>> Then create the dirs under ~/RPM
>> Eventually You need to create som more dir  if rpm complains about some
>> nonexistent dir.
>Sure, and you need to hack 1/2 of specs out there that use install -m
>or sth like this :>
>Some ditros did it a long time ago (hint: PLD), some didn't.

All Red Hat Linux RPM's should build as non-root.  I do all my
development non-root, and as far as I know everyone else here
does too.  The final build is done as root however I don't
believe it needs to be.  I've never encountered any problems
building our RPM's as user mharris.  A number of random RPM's on
the net however are definitely broken.

    Mike A. Harris  -  Linux advocate  -  Free Software advocate
          This message is copyright 2001, all rights reserved.
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Fun thing to do as root, in the root directory:
chmod -R 666 *
Just as bad as rm -rf *, but more fun.
"The files are all there, but I can't do anything with them!"
And you can't change permissions, since chmod isn't executable either. :-)

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