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Re: RPM | Without Source ?

On February 21, 2007 4:21:29 PM +0530 Lis Maria <lismariain gmail com> wrote:

i did try creationg an RPM without giving a Source, but this was the
error i

*error: No source number 0
Then i tried, giving an empty Source Tag, but gave me this error

*error: line 10: Empty tag: Source*

So, the workaround i found was to mention some souce, and then give a
NoSource tag,

*Source  : /xxx/yyy/zzz.tar.gz*
*NoSource : 0*

This worked,and created a rpm with no source, but i dont like this
as i have to mention a Source Tag even though i am not using it.

Please Advice ....

Let's see your entire spec file.  I build lots of rpms without any
Source tags, it definitely works.  One thing I can think of is if
you have a %prep section and use the %setup macro.  That requires
a Source or Source0 tag.  If you don't have any sources you shouldn't
use %setup, of course.  If that's not your problem we probably need
to see your entire spec file to diagnose.


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