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Re: RPM on Windows

The RPM runtime requires a Posix System. The placed question has already been discussed in the past, leading to the same consideration.


On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 1:32 PM, Toralf Lund <toralf procaptura com> wrote:
Vladimir Mihai Pacuraru wrote:
[ ... ]

When I first had to build RPMs I tried to do it with Cygwin as I've already had the environment in place, but I'm afraid I never could build anything else besides an RPM containing a zero-sized file. So in the end I had to build RPMs on Linux. So personally I guess that building RPMs on Windows OUTSIDE of Cygwin might be even more complicated, if not impossible.
As I understand it, he's not talking about building the actual rpms on Windows, though, just to build the rpm support code into a windows application that will read rpm files already generated elsewhere.

Anyhow, maybe you are all aware of it already, but in many cases you may build a "more native" (than the Cygwin variant) version of GNU-style freeware packages by using the MinGW library. See http://www.mingw.org/.

- Toralf

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