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Re: [scl.org] package signing?

I have already thought about it. I see a chance to sign packages during the approval process.
Nearly everyone can create a SCL in Copr, but only some SCLs will be approved (and possibly signed) by scl.org maintainers.

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Le 15/04/2014 22:13, Jim Perrin a écrit :
> Within the CentOS world we've been pointing folks at software
> collections for the newer nginx and httpd24 packages, however we've been
> getting some negative feedback because the packages aren't signed.

I think this will be solved as soon as RHSCL 1.1 will go GA and packages
will be backported in centos-scl repository ;)

For package not part of official RHSCL (such as php54more, php55more,
...) the solution should be EPEL, but Fedora Guidelines are not ready
for SCL... :(

> Are there plans to resolve this in the future?

Yes this is a problem.

But I don't really see how to solve it, as nearly everyone can create a
SCL in Copr (and then in softwarecollection.org).


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