[scl.org] Minutes from CentOS SIG sync-up meeting on #centos-devel (2014-12-03)

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Wed Dec 3 18:35:08 UTC 2014

Initial content:
  * there were concerns what will happen with downstream collections 
already in git.c.o -- we'll let the existing SCLs as they are now, at 
least for beginning
  * the sig can/could/should provide them as a build (not priority for 
  * we should see what the biggest consumers need -- openshift origins 
or foreman
  * since there is quite big demand for php and mariadb, we will begin 
with those two collections

New scl-utils:
  * next version of scl-utils will offer environment modules, but it is 
not ready so far

Access to git/koji:
  * since nobody objected against proposed git structure, we'll start 
with what is proposed at 
  * in order to start we need to submit a bug with login, gpg public 
key, email and request git/koji access for both services in parallel
  * in koji, alphacc is executioner on the koji setup, but mikem, 
imcleod_ and MerlinTHP might be able to help as well

Bug reporting:
  * we do not know how to track bugs so far

Full meeting log attached.

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Log from SCL SIG meeting from 2014-12-03:
(05:01:22 PM) hhorak: Hi guys, let's see who's here for talking about SCL..
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Jarek_P jbrooks jcpunk Jeff_S Jehane jeremy jfilak jmelis jnix jorton juergh jvb jzb 
Jarek_P jbrooks jcpunk Jeff_S Jehane jeremy jfilak jmelis jnix jorton juergh jvb jzb 
(05:05:26 PM) hhorak: Ah, I still see jorton here only, anybody else from SCL SIG here?
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(05:06:27 PM) jorton: hhorak: sorry just got a cuppa.  I'm here!
(05:06:35 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, is there any ML setup for this SIG ?
(05:06:55 PM) hhorak: jorton: Ah, good, I was not sure if my connection was fine..
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
(05:08:02 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: not yet, we used centos-devel so far
(05:08:26 PM) RemiFedora: ok, so nothing I could have miss
(05:08:32 PM) Evolution: RemiFedora: I believe the initial idea was to continue to use the scl.org mailing lists for daily/common things and the centos-devel list for the mechanics (git/builder interface etc)
(05:09:03 PM) Evolution: hhorak: I'm jperrin from the lists and related threads FYI
evilissimo Evolution 
(05:09:31 PM) hhorak: Evolution: Hi, great.
(05:10:40 PM) Evolution: hhorak: did pat's concern for existing (RH)SCL stuff make sense?
(05:11:54 PM) hhorak: Evolution: yes, that was one thing I wanted to discuss, so why not start with it..
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(05:12:50 PM) hhorak: I simply envisioned to let the existing SCLs as they are now, at least for beginning. Does it make sense?
(05:13:42 PM) Evolution: yes. I look at the rhscl bits as a separate animal, untouched by the sig.
(05:14:03 PM) Evolution: the sig can/could/should certainly provide them as a build
(05:15:17 PM) Evolution: but to me that's something that is downstream from the sig, if that makes sense.
(05:16:26 PM) hhorak: right, I understand it the same. Anyway, I'd rather give less priority for building these downstream rhscl bits and focus on the upstream more, so we do faster progress with the upstream bits.
(05:17:06 PM) kbsingh: 'm lurking
(05:17:27 PM) jorton: hhorak: I definitely agree there
(05:18:16 PM) Evolution: hhorak: so long as users are able to install dependent community project things like openshift origins or foreman etc, I'm fine with that
(05:19:58 PM) hhorak: Evolution: do you know who else besides openshift and foreman projects has some bigger demand on SCLs in CentOS?
(05:20:57 PM) Evolution: hhorak: there are some inroads into HPC type computing
(05:21:18 PM) kbsingh: there is a reasonable level of end user demand as well
(05:21:44 PM) kbsingh: -lots- of projects need a newer php for example, and are willing to consider the scl route for delivery ( I've spoken with atleast the drupal / wordpress folks about this in the recent past )
(05:22:12 PM) kbsingh: the mariadb project has also expressed interest in doing their from-upstream-rpms as a scl instead of packages that stamp over mysql/maraidb in el6/7
(05:22:58 PM) Evolution: hhorak: fwiw, the hpc folks I've talked to would like some level of integration with modules (environment-modules rpm in base)
(05:23:48 PM) hhorak: ok, php and mariadb seem like very good start, since new versions of those collections seem to be in a good shape already
(05:24:04 PM) Evolution: (sorry if I'm taking you off track, I get distracted easily)
(05:24:11 PM) jorton: Evolution: the scl-utils engineers have environment modules support in the next version
(05:24:27 PM) Evolution: jorton: oh swank. that'll be nice
(05:24:41 PM) jorton: we got a demo this week - it looks neat
(05:25:06 PM) jorton: so "scl load php55" and similar work to change your current shell env
(05:25:56 PM) hhorak: Evolution: it'll take some time until scl-utils upstream releases something ready, but I'd like to start using it for centos builds right after we have it ready.
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
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(05:28:43 PM) maxamillion: sorry I'm late, had a Dr. Appointment
(05:29:00 PM) hhorak: maxamillion: welcome
(05:29:00 PM) jorton: hhorak: +1.  what's the status on git structure?  I didn't see much feedback, does that mean everybody agrees?
(05:29:02 PM) Evolution: maxamillion: would what hhorak said impact openshift at all?
(05:29:14 PM) Evolution: maxamillion: would having newer scl-utils cause issues?
(05:29:55 PM) hhorak: jorton: it seems to me like nobody has some big objections, so I'd start with what was proposed
(05:30:02 PM) maxamillion: Evolution: let me read the backscroll
(05:32:31 PM) maxamillion: Evolution: hhorak:I think I'm missing context ... what are the planned changes to scl-utils?
(05:33:24 PM) hhorak: Evolution: maxamillion: scl-utils guys are now trying to implement some new features into scl-utils (like environment modules; now working on making it more compatible with current approach)
(05:33:54 PM) maxamillion: hhorak: ah ok, is it going to break backwards compatible use of 'scl enable $SCL "some command"' ?
(05:34:20 PM) hhorak: maxamillion: no, this should work the same.
(05:34:52 PM) maxamillion: hhorak: sounds great then, +1 ... I'd be happy to help where I'm able even if that's just testing and providing feedback
(05:35:13 PM) maxamillion: (if that would be helpful)
(05:35:44 PM) hhorak: maxamillion: sure it will, it should be available on github hopefully soon
(05:35:56 PM) maxamillion: hhorak: very cool, looking forward to it
(05:38:22 PM) maxamillion: hhorak: where on github will that live?
(05:39:35 PM) hhorak: probably github.com/sclorg but I recently got also github.com/softwarecollections, which we hadn't owned before, so I'm not sure if the nice organization name is worth moving stuff from sclorg to softwarecollections organization
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(05:44:14 PM) hhorak: so, in order to have some action items after this meeting, we should be ready to request git repositories for the few testing collections (mariadb, php, ...), as mentioned in http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/#head-92d585db21d66ee32d1f63d4be9a3917a10b3236
(05:44:35 PM) hhorak: But I don't understand if we need to use some tracker or just contact someone from infra directly (or a mail to infra?)
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ksb kstange 
ksb kstange 
(05:48:29 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: Evolution: ^ does anybody know?
(05:48:57 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: the best way to do this is to open a issue req at bugs.c.o
(05:49:41 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: you need to request a couple of things, (1) git repos for upstream work and (2) acls for users to commit into those repos and (3) userlist ( ideally same, or smaller than git access ) for koji build access at cbs.centos.org
(05:50:17 PM) kbsingh: once we have those bits in place, either Evolution or I can work with you to setup further mirrors for the git repos etc.
(05:50:46 PM) kbsingh: and you might need to liase with alphacc for any koji specific issues ( in that if the koji setup needs any specific love to build scls )
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(05:53:24 PM) hhorak: it does need a bit, so it will be fun..
(05:54:02 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: in that case, i guess it might be best to open tickets for all these things and push in parallel
(05:54:25 PM) Evolution: sounds about right.
(05:54:31 PM) kbsingh: alphacc is executioner on the koji setup, but i suspect mikem and imcleod_ and MerlinTHP ( amongst others ) might be able to help as well
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(05:55:08 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: fine, that makes sense. 
(05:55:13 PM) imcleod_ is now known as imcleod
(05:55:36 PM) Evolution: hhorak: as a side question, how would you like to track bugs for scl.org?
(05:55:47 PM) kbsingh: bugs ? what bugs ?
(05:55:49 PM) Evolution: heh
(05:55:52 PM) kbsingh: i only see a dev/null
(05:56:20 PM) Evolution: I'm 100% fine with that BOFH style approach, but I suspect users may not be ;-)
(05:56:21 PM) kbsingh: damn, a slash ruined by joke
(05:57:53 PM) hhorak: Evolution: this is a good question :) honestly I don't know yet... what BOFH style approach means?
(05:58:20 PM) jorton: I think he means, "if it breaks, they get to keep the pieces"!
(05:58:34 PM) hhorak: jorton: ah, nice :)
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(06:00:04 PM) hhorak: actually one question for the acls -- is this connected to account on bugs.c.o?
(06:00:10 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: ^
(06:00:29 PM) Evolution: hhorak: currently bugs, git and koji do not share common auth.
(06:00:51 PM) Evolution: this is something we're working on implementing in the future, likely via freeipa
(06:01:07 PM) kbsingh: there is a template bug report that alphacc had put up with details ( or was it bstinson ) - in the wiki
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(06:02:19 PM) Evolution: http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CommunityBuildSystem
(06:04:26 PM) hhorak: Evolution: ok, thanks. As soon as I get the public keys, I'll submit that bug.
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(06:06:15 PM) hhorak: Well, it seems we've enough on the todo list for the next days, so can we end it now and meet the next week the same time?
(06:06:42 PM) hhorak: (I'll send some minutes tomorrow morning)

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