[scl.org] Minutes from CentOS SIG sync-up meeting on #centos-devel (2014-12-10)

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Wed Dec 10 18:13:59 UTC 2014

Mainly discussed git repositories:
  * hhorak will send initial list of packages to Evolution to start with 
git structure preparation
  * we'll include mongodb26, mariadb100, postgresql94, php56 and httpd24 
collections for beginning and continue with other larger collections later
  * it seems we do not need to provide all collections as upstream 
collections unless there are any changes from downstream collections
  * building downstream collections (currently only source rpms are 
automatically sync from RH) will be figured out after we can build 
upstream collections
  * we'll have 2 repos, 1 for "devel" (upstream) and 1 for "stable 
(downstream, those currently synced)
  * build in cbs setup was not tested yet
  * buildroots for collections will include all built packages, but need 
to be separate for collections to be able to install different 
sclname-build packages inside the buildroot
  * nothing like bodhi is in centos right now; script automatically pull 
all builds tagged somehow (every 10 minuts)
  * when extending the SIG with other SCL maintainers, info about them 
will be placed on the wiki page
  * project admin code conflicts with the commit by branch acl thing we 
have... kbsingh will work it out
  * hhorak will send an invitation for the meeting the next week, the 
meeting will be at the same time, same place

Full meeting log attached.

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(05:03:38 PM) hhorak: Hi, anyone to chat about SCL?
(05:03:43 PM) hhorak: (SIG)
evilissimo Evolution 
(05:04:06 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, I'm here if you need me ;)
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
(05:04:30 PM) filippoc [~filippo at nethservice.nethesis.it] entered the room.
(05:04:30 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: Cool, hi!
(05:06:51 PM) jorton [~jorton at iberis.manyfish.co.uk] entered the room.
(05:07:17 PM) hhorak: Evolution: Could I ask about the ticket for creating git/koji? Just wanted to check if there are some blockers somewhere and how it goes on centos side..
ksb kstange 
ksb kstange 
(05:09:18 PM) hhorak: Maybe kbsingh knows something? ^
(05:09:24 PM) Evolution: hhorak: you put the access ticket in against the administrative project.
(05:09:38 PM) Evolution: alphacc doesn't have access to that, and I didn't see it right away
(05:09:48 PM) Evolution: I copied the issue to the buildsys project and added alphacc.
(05:09:54 PM) Evolution: he should be able to get it in there semi-soon
(05:10:26 PM) Evolution: in the meantime, I can create the project structure in git, but I need to know the initial repos you'll need.
(05:10:40 PM) hhorak: Evolution: Oh, sorry..
(05:10:55 PM) blip1 [~dewey at c-24-8-56-246.hsd1.co.comcast.net] entered the room.
(05:10:56 PM) Evolution: I don't *think* I can grant git permissions based on project. pretty sure it's per repo, but I'll check with kbsingh on that
(05:12:54 PM) hhorak: Evolution: ok.. I'll send you a list of few initial collections via mail -- mongodb26, mariadb100, postgresql94 (that's what my team is responsible for), just to check how it works and then we can continue with language collections that include more packages..
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
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(05:13:35 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: would you like to join with php into the first round so you can try it on your own as well?
(05:14:19 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, php have dep. on httpd24 scl
(05:14:26 PM) jorton: hi guy, sorry I'm late
(05:14:33 PM) Evolution: hhorak: okay. there's also a guy who's got a basic ocaml package as well. http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2014-December/012459.html
(05:14:48 PM) jorton: we could try with httpd24, that is self-contained
(05:14:52 PM) Evolution: what would it take to get that reviewed and pulled in (once we have things in git)
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(05:16:36 PM) hhorak: jorton: ok, will include httpd24 in the list
(05:17:24 PM) hhorak: Evolution: I have no problem with that, I'll look at it and reply in the ML..
(05:18:19 PM) Evolution: awesome.
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
(05:19:13 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: so if httpd24 will be included, will you send me list of components for php?
(05:19:19 PM) Evolution: hhorak: I'll verify with kb and see about getting the sclo project structure created.
(05:19:30 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, yes, I can
(05:19:45 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: ok
(05:19:49 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, but which SCL ? php54 php55 or php56 ?
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(05:20:36 PM) jorton: might as well be php56!
(05:22:09 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: I was thinking only about new SCLs for databases (older sources are already available under 'rpms' project and if there is no need to do further development except security updates, which is probable, then I wouldn't even include them to the upstream SCLs git)
(05:22:56 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, ok, so only php56, when httpd244 will be ready
(05:23:13 PM) ***hhorak thinks we should have some nice distinction between downstream SCLs and upstream SCLs withing CentOS
(05:23:27 PM) RemiFedora: well httpd24 is not a new scl... already exists... just need to be sure it is available in the buildroot
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
(05:23:46 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, yes... see my question about target repo
(05:23:47 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: ok, in that case we need it there
(05:24:11 PM) RemiFedora: I really think we need 2 repo, 1 for "devel" (upstream) and 1 for "stable (downstream)
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
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(05:25:00 PM) tforsman [~tforsman at foresight/developer/tforsman] entered the room.
(05:25:29 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: I agree, it's also included in the proposal
(05:26:02 PM) RemiFedora: and a way to move package from "devel" to "stable" when released in RHSCL
(05:26:02 PM) mboeru [~mboeru at unaffiliated/mboeru] entered the room.
redkilian reetp RemiFedora 
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(05:26:46 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: right, it means just keep the current sync mechanism in place
(05:27:45 PM) RemiFedora: hhorak, but, is there a sync mechanism ? (except for sources) I was thinkg centos-scl repo is stalled ?
(05:28:42 PM) hhorak: RemiFedora: you're right, the mechanism is currently for sources only
(05:30:03 PM) hhorak: What would make sense to me is to play with koji setup on new collections and as soon as we know how to build the upstream collections, then setting up koji for downstream collections should be similar
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(05:32:09 PM) ***kbsingh gets online
(05:32:16 PM) kbsingh: i didnt know there was a scl sig meeting today :(
(05:33:39 PM) fab [~fab at] entered the room.
(05:33:47 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: the meeting was meant to be every week to sync, but I should have send an invitation.. will fix the next week..
(05:33:48 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: Evolution: we can setup a small number of people with admin access to a specific project/ - that would allow them to create git repos as needed - however, i would prefer if we did the bootstrap with a few repos - via the bugs.c.o route. we can then use the acl elevation as a target
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(05:34:32 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: thanks
(05:34:49 PM) kbsingh: the other thing that i dont have closure on is koji requirements for SCL - are you able to actually build a scl on the cbs setup ?
(05:34:53 PM) kbsingh: or is that untested so far
(05:36:08 PM) tforsman left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
(05:36:08 PM) Evolution: it hasn't been tested yet, but it's possible. if they can't build, then it's a bug in our setup. alphacc seemed confident that it would work, provided we kept the tags sane.
(05:36:28 PM) rangerpb: kbsingh, imcleod thoughts on my PR ?
(05:36:32 PM) Evolution: I seem to recall alphacc and hhorak having a tags discussion last week
(05:36:42 PM) kbsingh: that was my next question  are we going to deliver the scl's into one target, or a tag per scl
(05:36:51 PM) kbsingh: and therefore a resulting repo per collection
(05:37:41 PM) Evolution: good question.
(05:37:53 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: there is only one special configuration needed to be done for scl -- buildroot needs to include scl-utils-build and then sclname-build so the scl macro is defined (at least that's how we do it internally)
(05:38:21 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: ok, so the tag's will need their own buildsys-build or a buildsys-config rpm
(05:38:49 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: yes, unless we use some different approach (but I don't know about any other options right now)
(05:39:15 PM) kbsingh: I'm easy - as long as you have something that works, and alphacc has something he can maintain at the other end - were all set
(05:39:29 PM) kbsingh: how about the delivery side of things - is this going to be one tag ( and therefore repo ) per collection ?
(05:40:50 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: I'd rather see one collection for all, it seems to be easier for users to enable one and then use whatever they want
(05:42:00 PM) hhorak: there is also thing that one collection often requires another one, so the tags for building need to contain all the collections, but only have a different set of packages in initial buildroot
(05:43:48 PM) hhorak: actually, is there something like bodhi in centos? or every just built package is automatically available for users?
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(05:49:01 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: neither.
(05:49:20 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: at the moment, its only possible to build and deliver stuff you tag for release into the cbs.centos.org/repos/ setup
(05:49:38 PM) kbsingh: working on getting the signing process done in the coming days - and then we nede to evolve into a release-to-users process.
(05:49:51 PM) kbsingh: the new bodhi looks interesting, it might be worth a shot
(05:50:06 PM) kbsingh: i guess the answer to your question is : not decided, plenty of scope to get involved and influence decision
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(05:51:11 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: ok, so I'm noting that manual tagging is necessary to publish a build now (or do we need to create the repo manually and such stuff?)
(05:51:54 PM) kbsingh: there is a sweeper script that runs every 10 min, and stuff tag'd gets pushed into the matching target repo on cbs.centos.org/repos/
(05:52:23 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: ok, nice
(05:55:13 PM) hhorak: Anyway, for who is not aware yet, what I've clarified with guys here since the last week was that everybody involved in the SCL internally needs to be actually be part of the SIG to be able to commit/build in centos (one of the questions that was not answered in the proposal originally).. I guess we're fine with that or do we need to officially approve this and concrete people involved in scl internally now?
(06:01:05 PM) kbsingh: the SIG group is really a set of people who take responsibility for the content
(06:01:32 PM) kbsingh: you can have anyone contribute, they dont need to be 'official anything' - but it might be a good audit practise to list folks you give git access to on the wiki page for the SIG
(06:01:39 PM) kbsingh: it also gives those people some credits
(06:01:42 PM) blip [~dewey at unaffiliated/blip] entered the room.
(06:02:21 PM) kbsingh: btw, i just checked and the project admin code conflicts with the commit by branch acl thing we have... so i need to work that out
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(06:02:37 PM) kbsingh: s/work/email the right person/
(06:02:44 PM) kbsingh: but i am confident we can make it happen
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(06:03:10 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: ok, listing them in the wiki seems fine.
(06:03:42 PM) hhorak: but I don't understand what the conflict means -- does that block creating the git repos?
(06:03:50 PM) kbsingh: no
(06:04:13 PM) kbsingh: a project-amdin ( assume you ) will be able to create users and give them git +rw access to the repos ( either one repo or a group or all the git repos in that project )
(06:04:46 PM) kbsingh: at the moment we have a setup where someone from a sig can commit to any git repo, where the branch being pushed is the same as the sig-name
(06:04:47 PM) filippoc1 [~filippo at nethservice.nethesis.it] entered the room.
(06:05:02 PM) kbsingh: code that makes the second thing happen, is preventing the first thing from working
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(06:06:54 PM) hhorak: ok, thanks for clarification
(06:06:59 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: I'll work it out - just wont be right now;
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(06:07:35 PM) kbsingh: imcleod: ping
(06:07:48 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: need to refocus over ot the atomic stuff before i run out of hours/day
(06:07:56 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: will you do some summary post to the lists ?
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(06:09:04 PM) imcleod: kbsingh: Pong
(06:09:15 PM) hhorak: I think I have nothing else on my mind anyway and yes, I'll send some summary. Just one thing, I wanted to remind there is http://devconf.cz a week after Fosdem, not sure if you plan to come, but it would be great.
(06:09:20 PM) kstange [~kevin at] entered the room.
(06:09:51 PM) hhorak: Thanks and see you next week again..
(06:10:37 PM) imcleod: kbsingh: Ready to attempt building an Atomic Anaconda install tree?
(06:11:15 PM) BRLX [~Thunderbi at rtr.ak-p.at] entered the room.
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(06:12:01 PM) kbsingh: hhorak: i believe its on the agenda, not sure how many people are coming - I certainly will :)
(06:12:21 PM) hhorak: kbsingh: great

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