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Re: [scl.org] Minutes from CentOS SIG sync-up meeting on #centos-devel (2014-12-03)

On 12/03/2014 07:35 PM, Honza Horak wrote:
Initial content:
  * there were concerns what will happen with downstream collections
already in git.c.o -- we'll let the existing SCLs as they are now, at
least for beginning
  * the sig can/could/should provide them as a build (not priority for
  * we should see what the biggest consumers need -- openshift origins
or foreman
  * since there is quite big demand for php and mariadb, we will begin
with those two collections

New scl-utils:
  * next version of scl-utils will offer environment modules, but it is
not ready so far

Access to git/koji:
  * since nobody objected against proposed git structure, we'll start
with what is proposed at
  * in order to start we need to submit a bug with login, gpg public
key, email and request git/koji access for both services in parallel
  * in koji, alphacc is executioner on the koji setup, but mikem,
imcleod_ and MerlinTHP might be able to help as well

Bug reporting:
  * we do not know how to track bugs so far

Honzo, so what's the connection now to scl.org? Will build collections appear there eventually? Can the bug tracker be hosted there? I know we had a testing askbot instance at scl.org - should that be used for user feedback?


Full meeting log attached.

Conversation will continue at


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