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Re: [scl.org] Minutes from CentOS SIG sync-up meeting on #centos-devel (2014-12-03)

On 12/03/2014 07:35 PM, Honza Horak wrote:
Initial content:
  * there were concerns what will happen with downstream collections
already in git.c.o -- we'll let the existing SCLs as they are now, at
least for beginning
  * the sig can/could/should provide them as a build (not priority for
  * we should see what the biggest consumers need -- openshift origins
or foreman
  * since there is quite big demand for php and mariadb, we will begin
with those two collections

New scl-utils:
  * next version of scl-utils will offer environment modules, but it is
not ready so far

Access to git/koji:
  * since nobody objected against proposed git structure, we'll start
with what is proposed at
  * in order to start we need to submit a bug with login, gpg public
key, email and request git/koji access for both services in parallel
  * in koji, alphacc is executioner on the koji setup, but mikem,
imcleod_ and MerlinTHP might be able to help as well

Two questions I asked today about access, so sharing further:

1) About the concept of git access:
We will be able to create 'upstream' repos, as many as we like, but we will need to ask for repos to be created under the rpms/ project but most of our dev work will be in the sig project space, in upstream repos, so we should be all set

2) Who all will be able to gain access for git and koji
Once centos havs auth in place, that will be easier to manage, as groups can be used.
Right now all accounts are manual.
Everyone will still need to be part of the SIG though.
They can be contributors, not leaders/voting parties, etc.
but part of the sig.
That means we will need to include all rhscl devels into SIG at some point.


Bug reporting:
  * we do not know how to track bugs so far

Full meeting log attached.

Conversation will continue at


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