[scl.org] Is software collections appropriate for making a self-contained software archive?

Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at redhat.com
Thu May 22 07:05:28 UTC 2014

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> >> Software collections seems to allow building an RPM that installs a
> >> package and all its dependencies in such a directory. I'm thinking I can
> >> make such a package, install it on a dev system, tar up the install
> >> directory, then untar it on the production system. Should I expect that
> >> to work?
> >>
> > It may, but you'd also have to ensure that any dependencies are also
> > installed, and these may not always end up in /opt. Some scl packages
> > (especially services) also drop files outside /opt as well.
> >
> Since I'm building the collections, I'm expecting to have control over that.

A problem that you'll probably hit is that "scl enable foo" looks for /etc/scl/prefixes/foo (this file is part of %{scl}-runtime subpackage) and if it doesn't find it, it fails. I think that I've seen some discussions upstream in scl-utils about solving this systematically (can't find this right now), but for now you'd basically need to execute the "enable" scriptlets yourself to get sclized environment (not a nice solution, but will likely work...)

Slavek Kabrda

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