[scl.org] How to build meta-package in copr

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Wed Nov 19 23:13:25 UTC 2014

Trying to follow https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/docs/building/

Mock Version: 1.1.41
ENTER do(['bash', '--login', '-c', 'rpmbuild -bs --target x86_64 --nodeps
builddir/build/SPECS/scl-eclipse-ptp.spec'], False,
'/var/lib/mock/epel-7-x86_64-mockbuilder-1785/root/', None, 0, True, False,
500, 135, None, False, {'LANG': 'en_US.UTF-8', 'TERM': 'vt100', 'SHELL':
'/bin/bash', 'CCACHE_DIR': '/tmp/ccache', 'HOSTNAME': 'mock',
'PROMPT_COMMAND': 'echo -n "<mock-chroot>"', 'PATH':
'/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin', 'HOME': '/builddir', 'CCACHE_UMASK': '002'},
logger=<mockbuild.trace_decorator.getLog object at 0x29f12d0>)
Executing command: ['bash', '--login', '-c', 'rpmbuild -bs --target x86_64
--nodeps builddir/build/SPECS/scl-eclipse-ptp.spec'] with env {'LANG':
'en_US.UTF-8', 'TERM': 'vt100', 'SHELL': '/bin/bash', 'CCACHE_DIR':
'/tmp/ccache', 'HOSTNAME': 'mock', 'PROMPT_COMMAND': 'echo -n
"<mock-chroot>"', 'PATH': '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin', 'HOME':
'/builddir', 'CCACHE_UMASK': '002'}
error: line 9: Unknown tag: %scl_package orion-scl-eclipse-ptp
Building target platforms: x86_64
Building for target x86_64
Child return code was: 1
EXCEPTION: Command failed. See logs for output.

It seems like I need to have scl-utils-build as part of the initial build root
to compose the srpm?

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