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[scl.org] Why you will hear CentOS here more

Dear SCL friends,

we're hearing your voice and found out the way we deliver content to softwarecollections.org now is not perfect; especially because SCL packages got to the website after releasing them as RHSCL product actually.

We want to change this and are already working on making softwarecollections.org to be also a development platform for the next RHSCL releases and probably using git.centos.org as a place to keep sources for Software Collections and do the development in the future.

Another reason to change delivery work-flow is to make it easier for users to rebuild the collections on their own if necessary. Together with this we plan to take our time to improve the available documentation as well.

For now, we want to start with making all RHSCL 1.2 (just released [1]) sources available in dist-git of CentOS and providing new builds of collections available soon.

Stay tuned for details, express your feelings about this change or suggest us some other things missing on softwarecollections.org.

[1] http://developerblog.redhat.com/2014/10/30/red-hat-software-collections-1-2-now-ga


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