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Re: [scl.org] rubygems 2.2.0 in ruby scl

On 09/12/2014 06:41 PM, Joe Rafaniello wrote:
Hi all,

Is there an easy way to tell what version of rubygems comes in the ruby packaged in the software collections?

For example: https://www.softwarecollections.org/repos/rhscl/ruby200/epel-6-x86_64/
Can I assume since I see ruby200-rubygems-2.0.14-23.el6.x86_64.rpm, this SCL provides rubygems 2.0.14?

Yes, that is correct. You can confirm it by:

$ scl enable ruby200 'gem -v'

Specifically, I want rubygems 2.2.0 since Vit Ondruch was able to get the binary extension path merged upstream:

Is there a rubygems 2.2.0 package that anyone has used in the ruby200 SCL?


No, there is not RubyGems 2.2.0 available for ruby200 collection. We
ship only RubyGems version provided with upstream Ruby and that is
RubyGems 2.0.14 for Ruby 2.0.

Moreover, there were more binary extension management changes in
RubyGems 2.2.0 except the patch you are referring to, so I don't think
they can be easily retrofitted for ruby200 scl.

However, I am wondering why you should be interested in RubyGems 2.2
just due to this specific change?

I quoted Vit replies and CC'ed him for more.


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