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[scl.org] Is softwarecollections.org intended to eventually become an upstream for RHSCL?

I just noticed that the new Python 3.4 container for RHSCL 2.0 isn't up
on softwarecollections.org yet, and it appears the Python 2.7 container
is also still the earlier 1.1 container. This suggests that my
perception that softwarecollections.org was already an upstream for
RHSCL was incorrect, and it is in fact currently still downstream of the
commercial versions.

Is this relationship intended to be inverted as part of the
establishment of the SCL CentOS SIG, such that softwarecollections.org
gets the in-development versions, which are then filtered, tested and
stabilised to create the commercial releases?


Nick Coghlan
Red Hat PnT Operations
DevOps Enablement, Brisbane

Software Development Workflow Designer & Process Architect

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