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[scl.org] Integrating SCLs with tools like DevAssistant?

I started a new Django project with DevAssistant today, and it offered me the option of making it a Python 3 project rather than a Python 2 one. However, this was just choosing between the parallel stacks included as part of the main Fedora distribution.

It occurs to me - might it make sense for the SCL project to figure out a way for tools like DevAssistant to access a list of all of the software collections installed for a particular language runtime, and thus allow a developer to easily choose which one they want to use as the basis for a new project?

Using containers for deployment doesn't eliminate that basic need to choose the language runtime to include in the container along with the application, and at least for Python, there's currently still going to need to be a "system Python runtime" and an "application Python runtime" installed in parallel inside the container.


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