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[scl.org] SCL... for ppc?

We run RHEL on IBM pSeries (ppc64) - which is mostly all types of awesome.   However.

Is there any future for SCL on a ppc platform? 

I'm specifically looking at PHP, which is 5.4.16 for RHEL7.  Unfortunately, PHP 5.4 is being EOL'd in a couple weeks, and while RH will support 5.4 with security patches...only.... RHEL 8 is not even in sight, and applications will be requiring higher versions of PHP.  I'd love to offer our customers a "modern" PHP in the next year... but other than us going back to compiling our own stack...

Thanks for any info or even rumours or innuendo.  :)

cheers and thanks,

Ian Veach, Senior Systems Analyst
System Computing Services, Nevada System of Higher Education

PUBLIC RECORDS NOTICE: In accordance with NRS Chapter 239, this email and responses, unless otherwise made confidential by law, may be subject to the Nevada Public Records laws and may be disclosed to the public upon request.
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