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Fri Dec 4 22:34:49 UTC 2015

I don’t think they’ve been moved.   I think this is an error.

There is more metadata in https://www.softwarecollections.org/repos/rhscl/rh-python34/rhscl-rh-python34-el6-epel-6-x86_64/, but there are no platform dependent RPMS.   Things are just no longer there.    I’m sure someone will straighten this out eventually.

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can we get some symlinks or something?  that's a hugely breaking change.

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 4:11 PM, Ian Stewart-Binks <istewart at redhat.com<mailto:istewart at redhat.com>> wrote:
Looks like they've been moved to https://www.softwarecollections.org/repos/rhscl/mysql55/rhscl-mysql55-el7-epel-7-x86_64/

All packages seem to be stored under this path format now.


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all the ones i've checked are empty, eg:

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 1:56 PM, Eliska Slobodova < eliska at redhat.com<mailto:eliska at redhat.com> > wrote:


these still might be some non-working URLs. Eg:


Can someone have a look, please?

CCing folks from OpenShift in case they come across something else.


On 12/04/2015 04:36 PM, Jakub QB Dorňák wrote:

I am pleased to announce that softwarecollections.org<http://softwarecollections.org> is back and up.
Thanks to everybody involved.


Eliska Slobodova
Software Engineer

Ben Parees | OpenShift

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