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[scl.org] IP address range for firewall config?

I'm trying to use some of the software collections at softwarecollections.org, but the machine I would like to install them on lives behind a firewall.  We had configured our firewall to allow our machines to access the IP address, which used to be the address of softwarecollections.org, but it appears that it has recently moved to AWS hosting, and softwarecollections.org is currently resolving to ... at least for the moment, from here.  Is this permanent?  Can you tell me what range of addresses we now actually need to allow in order to be assured our machines can get to softwarecollections.org?  Any thoughts of possibly providing a single, fixed front-end IP for downloads from firewalled machines?  Also, it would be helpful if such details were documented on the softwarecollections.org website.

One other thing:  On the page https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/about/, under "Who Runs SoftwareCollections.org?" it says:

If you have any questions about the site, its content, or software hosted here, please contact admin softwarecollections org.

Email to that address fails, "User unknown."

Kevin Perry
Senior Software Architect
Princeton University

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