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[scl.org] Component name in non-RH dist-gits

I'm thinking about repositories and branches structure in CentOS a bit again.

Currently, there are two ways how components names and branches are maintained in SCL world:

A) collection name in branch name
we use component name without prefix in dist-git and branches for specific collections internally in RH, so e.g. mariadb has branches for mariadb55-*, rh-mariadb100-*, etc..

B) collection name in dist-git repository name
For RHSCL RPMs that are automatically imported into https://git.centos.org [1], components *use* prefix in repository names and static set of branches. For example mariadb55-mariadb component includes branches 'master' and 'c7' [1]. This way seems easier for dist-git administration and also seems to be preferred way in Fedora [2].

Since we can always add remote branches in (B) and merge/cherry-pick from those as easy as we can in (A), my question is:

"Are there any practical advantages of (A)?"

I don't see any, but I see some advantages of (B) though, since it seems to be more consumable to use the same approach (B) in all public repos and only use (A) internally only for historic reasons.

Does it make sense to you as well?
[no response means yes to me :) ]

[1] https://git.centos.org/tree/rpms!mariadb55-mariadb/c7
[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Guidelines#Software_Collection_Macros


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