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[scl.org] Other companies sell internationally, why d on’t you? ITC.

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You are looking for a trusted partner for your translation projects.

ITC Global Translations is a leader in thetranslation industry.  We have over 1,000 linguists in ournetwork to provide the most specialized teams for your company.


Personalized service to meet your unique needs
Over 15 years of exceptional service
Services in over 75 language combinations
Reliable and dedicated Project Managers
Rigorous in-house Quality Assurance process
Offices in the United States, Canada and Europe
We provide around-the-clock service

Translation, proofreading, editing
(medical, pharmaceutical, marketing, technical,
legal texts)

 (software, websites, marketing and advertising content...)
Multilingual formatting/layout (DTP)
Transcriptions, subtitles
Transcreation Web and mobile content

I am at your disposal to discuss your needs or your next translation project.
Best Regards,

Allison PAXTON
a paxton itcglobaltranslations com
Business Development Manager
ITC Translations USA
T: 1 561 746 6242

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