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Re: [scl.org] CBS build tags and git branches names for SCL


On 23/02/15 18:13, Honza Horak wrote:> I'm about to submit a couple of requests into bugs.c.o to create
> necessary infrastructure for collections from RHSCL-1.2 at least.
> But first I want to make sure about the tag and branches names.
> Currently we have some testing build tags:
>    scl6-el6-mariadb100-build
>    scl7-el7-mariadb100-build
> and branches in dist-git (in sclo project):
>    scl-mariadb100-el6
>    scl-mariadb100-el7
> And the SIG has codename 'sclo'..
> So, it's kind of messy already in the beginning :)
> Thinking about keeping it simple and uniform, what about this way:
> Keep 'sclo' as SIG codename to indicate it's combination of SCL on
> openness :)

I am ok, it makes more sense.

> CBS build tags in format like:
>    sclo6-mariadb100-build
>    sclo7-mariadb100-build

We need to keep the disttag in the name as agreed from the beginning for all SIGs:
(scol7-el7_1-mariadb-build maybe ; However I don't remember if the SIG agreed to have 1 disttag only per distribution policy even for rhscl rebuild; which is the way to go if you ask me :).

The disttag can be some other string not containing major; e.g: .infra.

I need a way to parse it consistently and existing scripts have been written this way.

> and branches in dist-git (in both sclo and rpms projects):
>    sclo6-mariadb100
>    sclo7-mariadb100

Fine with me, centpkg will do the matching between branches and targets. However, I would wait feedback from the git specialists.


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