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Re: [scl.org] CBS build tags and git branches names for SCL

On 02/23/2015 08:39 PM, Thomas Oulevey wrote:
 > CBS build tags in format like:
 >    sclo6-mariadb100-build
 >    sclo7-mariadb100-build

We need to keep the disttag in the name as agreed from the beginning for
all SIGs:

OK, understood.

(scol7-el7_1-mariadb-build maybe ; However I don't remember if the SIG
agreed to have 1 disttag only per distribution policy even for rhscl
rebuild; which is the way to go if you ask me :).

The disttag can be some other string not containing major; e.g: .infra.

I need a way to parse it consistently and existing scripts have been
written this way.

There is one piece I'm struggling with (and I'm not sure if that's the same thing you call special disttag for rhscl rebuild). It is how to deal with conflicting NVRs in koji (supposing CBS koji also doesn't allow two build tasks resulting into the same NVR).

When we build some SRPM first in sclo project and then import the same SRPM to rpms project (so we're able to build it from SCM, sign it and release), then koji build will fail, because we already have the same NVR built from SRPM, right?

I'm thinking if we can solve this by disttag, so e.g. every build from SRPM would get something like ".el6.test" and only SCM builds would get ".el6". As far as I understand koji, that would require another build target, right?

Maybe there is some nicer way to handle this or you may convince me we don't need to solve this at all and just handle it with release bumps. (just thinking loudly now)


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