[scl.org] Meeting log from CentOS SCLo SIG sync-up meeting on #centos-devel (2015-01-07)

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Thu Jan 8 10:01:00 UTC 2015

#centos-devel: SCLo SIG Sync-up (2015-01-07)

Meeting started by hhorak at 16:03:39 UTC. The full logs are available
at centos-devel/2015/centos-devel.2015-01-07-16.03.log.html .

Meeting summary
* current status  (hhorak, 16:05:18)

* Current status  (hhorak, 16:06:45)
   * LINK:
     (Jeff_S, 16:41:13)
   * importing binary sources into lookaside cache is a feature coming to
     centpkg soon, bstinson is working on it  (hhorak, 17:16:00)
   * build command for centpkg will come soon as well  (hhorak, 17:16:00)
   * fedora-style layout is crutial to be able to use centos git as
     upstream (easy cherry-pick from/to rhel/fedora)  (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * having two formats in git.c.o does not bother us for now, since it
     is possible to generate a srpm from sclo/ project and import to rpm/
     project  (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * buildroots in koji are already set up to have $collection-build in
     the buildroot and any other package may be added afterwards using
     koji add-group-pkg; this is necessary to have some scl macros
     defined early enough  (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * asking for changes in builroot will be done by creating a ticket to
     bugs.c.o  (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * IDEA: stop building/shipping scl packages on scl.org once they get
     build/shipped in centos koji  (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * IDEA: another way would be to start building all the collections in
     copr, that would solve many issues we have with koji right now
     (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * building in copr is not possible because centos will never sign
     anything that didnt get built end to end here  (hhorak, 17:31:35)
   * mariadb100 and mariadb sources should be ready to test in git.c.o
     (hhorak, 17:31:36)
   * ACTION: kbsingh will try to hack things up to build mariadb100
     collection (and fix things on the way)  (hhorak, 17:31:36)
   * if we're fine with one repository with all collections or we need
     more repositories with (stable, bleeding-edge) or (upstream,
     downstream) or whatever -- that's left to decide in the future, but
     we should ask community of users for advice while being careful
     about how we communicate this, and where we communicate it to (since
     people dont see the bleedingedge for what it is - they start to see
     the 'releseased' repo to be stable, test  (hhorak, 17:31:37)

Meeting ended at 17:31:55 UTC.

Action Items
* kbsingh will try to hack things up to build mariadb100 collection (and
   fix things on the way)

Action Items, by person
* kbsingh
   * kbsingh will try to hack things up to build mariadb100 collection
     (and fix things on the way)
   * (none)

People Present (lines said)
* hhorak (57)
* kbsingh (57)
* Jeff_S (25)
* alphacc (20)
* RemiFedora (14)
* maxamillion (12)
* Evolution (6)
* bstinson (5)
* jorton (5)
* centbot (2)
* TrevorH (1)

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