[scl.org] A new generation of Software Collections can come now

Jan Zelený jzeleny at redhat.com
Fri Jan 9 15:27:56 UTC 2015

The scl-utils developer team is proud to present SCL 2.0! This new version 
brings revolution in the internal code structure but it also introduces a 
bunch of interesting enhancements in the run time part of scl-utils.

Important note: most of these new features require proper support from 
collections themselves but first collections with such support should be here 
quite soon. We have also files a documentation bug so let's hope there is some 
documentation how to modify the collections soon. In the meantime, feel free 
to ask your questions here.

Request: even though there was a non-public alpha release, this is still a 
version that needs a lot of testing so if you intend to build a collection 
with support of these cool new features, let us know if there are some 

New commands:
list-collections: a new name for --list, implemented for consistency of the 
command line arguments

list-packages: a new name for --list <collection_name>, same reason as above

load: it will modify the shell in which the command is executed rather than 
creating a subshell

unload: counterpart of the load command if you don't want to use the 
collection in current shell any more

man: show man page of the entire collection

New argument:
-x, --exec: when running a command with scl enable, use exec() call rather 
than system() (bug 1029964)

Support in shebangs: it's possible to use scl enable in your shebang lines 
(the double dash command separator is required)

Compatibility with environment modules: it was requested several times. This 
new version brings what you asked for.

Jan Zeleny

Engineering Supervisor
Software Management team
Red Hat Czech

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